How to make money on wordpress? Three ways in which WP can make you money


According to the latest stats, WP has grown to over 10 million pages. Most of them exist not for the sheer pleasure of their creators but to make money. Let's see how it is possible to make money on wordpress.

Dropshipping and e-commerce

WordPress is an excellent platform for creating an e-commerce website. People are purchasing online more than ever before. To create an online store with WP, just install a plugin. Some of them are free and include a plethora of useful features that you can utilize to build up your business.

WordPress may be used to create a dropshipping store in addition to a standard storefront for your own items. In this situation, you sell items directly to buyers yet have them sent by a third party (similar to how Amazon often handles shipping for smaller sellers using their platform).

Monetizing blog

It is becoming crucial in the modern world to build a website for your business or even yourself as an expert. Websites are an important tool for self-representation and promotion of your unique expertise and skill set.

If you're not sure where to begin with your WordPress website, here is what you should do. Start by selecting a domain and hosting, installing WordPress, picking a theme, installing plugins, and adding posts and pages.

A blog is an excellent way of making money without putting in much effort. You may earn money from your blog by doing affiliate marketing, selling advertisements, and doing sponsored reviews, among other things. This involves no more work on your part; it's simply a strategy to maximize the content and traffic you currently have.

Add a page or contact form to your website so that businesses may approach with the offers of writing reviews and guides for them. Don't forget to include a disclaimer where you must state how honest or flattering your opinions will be.

Getting a job

WordPress has created plenty of work opportunities for those who are tech-savvy and multitalented. If you are good at creating visual content, writing copy, programming, or storytelling, WP is a place where you can get paid by doing all of these things from the comfort of your own home. We are having a closer look at all types of jobs existing around WP in our post “Jobs around wordpress: what are the titles and how much are they making?”

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