Mobile Rank Tracking: 8 Free Tools for Mobile and Desktop Position Tracking


On average, more than 53% of all traffic to websites is mobile traffic. For some sites, the share of mobile traffic is as high as 80 percent. So, it makes sense to track your mobile rankings on Google separately from the desktop rankings. There are tens of services available for tracking mobile rankings. But we are interested in the tools and services that let you track your mobile SERPs for free. In this post, I will share 8 rank tracking tools that allow you to track your mobile or desktop rankings for free.
However, before we get to these mobile rank tracking tools, I would like to explain the differences between rank checking and rank tracking. Understanding this difference is essential since there seems to be a lot of confusion over these distinctly separate SEO tasks, and many people use these terms interchangeably, which further adds to the confusion.

Difference between rank checking VS rank tracking

Rank checking is the process of checking your keyword ranking manually. It is a one-off event and does not involve automated ranking updates or tracking your keyword rankings over some time.
So, you might check your keyword ranking on Monday, and then you might manually recheck them on Friday. But unless you have kept track of the ranking on Monday, you will not know whether your ranking went up, down, or remained unchanged when you rechecked the rankings on Friday.

There are several websites and browser extensions that provide free keyword rank checking. However, the confusion arises when these rank checking tools claim to offer free rank tracking, when, in fact, they simply provide rank checking, a one-off event.

Now let us understand what rank tracking is.

Rank tracking is the process of checking your keyword ranking on desktop or mobile or both at periodic intervals and keeping track of the changes in your keyword positions.

Now let us again consider the above example. Let's say your rank tracking tool provides daily ranking updates. Then you can track changes to your keyword rankings every day of the week since your keyword tracking tool updates your keyword positions automatically, even while you sleep.

I hope this clears the confusion between rank checking and tracking.

In this post, I will share 8 tools that provide free rank tracking either on mobile or desktop or both.

So, let's roll.

SERPmojo Position Tracker

SERPmojo is the best mobile rank tracking app for Android. You can track an unlimited number of keywords across different URLs and domains with the app.

You can also select the desired Google region for checking your mobile rankings.

To check your ranks, you can tap the refresh button, and all your positions will be updated in the background. SERPmojo mobile rank tracking app

All this in the free version.

If you upgrade to the pro version, which is a one-time purchase, you can enable automatic updates at your chosen time. Since the updates are processed on your mobile and can take a long time depending on the number of keywords tracked, I would advise you to take advantage of this feature.

Google Search Console

The easiest way to track your mobile and desktop SERP rankings is through the Google Search Console or webmaster tools.

To track your mobile rankings in the Search Console, you should click on the Performance tab and then on Devices. Now select the Mobile view to see how your website performs on mobile searches.

Search Console allows you to track your keyword and URL positions across a 16-month range. You can also check the mobile and desktop ranking for a day earlier.

The most significant advantage of using the Search Console to track your keyword rankings is that there are no limits on the number of keywords tracked. The performance report displays all the keywords that a URL ranks for across every Google region.

Seobility Rank Tracking Tool

Seobility is not just a mobile and desktop position tracking tool. It boasts of nifty site audit and backlink monitoring features as well. No wonder it's my keyword rank tracking tool of choice.

The lifetime free account lets you create one project for one website. With the free account, you can conduct a complete website audit to check for SEO issues, track daily desktop rankings of up to 10 keywords across different countries, and carry out an extensive backlink analysis.

This keyword tracking tool also displays your search visibility relative to your competitors, depending upon your current keyword rankings.

That is quite a lot for a free account. When you upgrade to their paid plans, you can track up to 300 keywords on desktop and mobile and many other features.

Serpfox SERP Checker

Do you need a simple keyword rank tracking tool to track your SERPs on mobile and desktop? Look no further than Serpfox.

Serpfox lets you track 10 keywords, across different Google regions, on mobile and desktop for free. The interface is uncluttered, and you can group keywords as well for easy tracking.

The unique aspect of Serpfox is that the URLs are not counted towards the keyword limit. So, you can track the same keywords across different URLs. If you have similar pages that rank for the same keywords, you will find this feature quite useful.

Paid plans start from $10/month and are quite affordable. With the Starter 100 plan, you can track up to 100 keywords per month and receive daily email notifications regarding ranking changes.

What's My SERP (WMS Everywhere)

WMS Everywhere is a popular Chrome extension that displays keyword search volume for Google and is the best alternative to Keywords Everywhere that I could find so far.

But what many people are unaware of is that What's My SERP is also a mobile and desktop rank tracking tool.

By signing up for a free account, you can track up to 10 keywords for free. You can choose to track a keyword on desktop or mobile or both.

The interface has loads of information on a single screen. You can see the precise SERP position for mobile or desktop and the associated URL.

Apart from this, you can also check out your keyword ranking distribution. Quite useful to determine your website authority through SERPs.

Future upgrades will include the average ranking position and ranking visibility.

Again, paid plans are quite reasonable and start at just $5 per month. With the $5 plan, you can check up to 25 keywords per month on mobile and desktop.

SERPWoo Mobile Rank Tracker

SERPWoo is another rank tracking service for mobile and desktop. The free account includes desktop rank tracking for 3 keywords.

Premium plans start from $50 per and include tracking of up to 750 keywords. However, surprisingly, it does not include mobile rank tracking. If you wish to track mobile rankings, you have to opt for the Silver plan that costs $100 a month.

But I was not really impressed with its interface that looks a little dated, probably due to the tacky color combination used.

SeoPoz Keyword Tracker

If you find your Google Search Console reports confusing and cluttered, you can try out SeoPoz that displays your Search Console data in an easy to understand interface.

With a free account, you can track up to 5000 keywords. But before you jump with joy, I must tell you that this keyword allowance includes your keyword positions in all the Google countries.

And there's no way to restrict the rank tracking across selected countries only. So, just 10-12 pages on your site will take up all of the 5000-keyword tracking allowance in no time.

However, I liked the SeoPoz interface. It displays not just your keyword ranking but also the search volume for every keyword. Also, you can see your keyword ranking across multiple countries at one glance.

You can also select your chosen keywords to check their rankings in one click instead of sifting through thousands of keywords.

Premium pricing starts from $9 per month and includes tracking of 50,000 keywords across 10 websites. Additionally, you receive access to 3-month ranking history.

My only gripe with SeoPoz? They don't mention anywhere whether the keywords ranking is for mobile or desktop devices.

Other than that, the free plan is worth checking out. Try out SeoPoz for free.

Ubersuggest SEO Rank Tracker

Ubersuggest is a freemium all-in-one SEO tool developed by well-known entrepreneur Neil Patel. It offers many features, but right now, we are only interested in its keyword tracking feature for mobile and desktop.

Ubersuggest offers free rank tracking of 25 keywords on desktop to all users. To take advantage of this feature, you merely need to sign in with a Google account. However, the free plan is limited to a single website and location only.

If you want to track 300 keywords across 3 websites on mobile and desktop, you will need to upgrade to the Individual plan that currently costs $29 per month.

If you link your Google Search Console account, you can get accurate ranking information for all your keywords. But connecting your webmaster account is not mandatory, and you can still track 25 keywords for free on desktop.

Summary of mobile rank tracking tools

We have covered many keyword tracking tools that offer free position tracking for mobile and desktop. There are tens of other rank tracking tools that I have left out since they do not offer a lifetime free plan.

Of all the tools listed on this page, SERP mojo probably offers the best value for a mobile rank tracking tool since you can track unlimited keywords for free.

But if you don't mind the somewhat clunky interface of Google Search Console, then this could be your one-stop destination to track every keyword across mobile and desktop for free.

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