How to Write the Perfect Gig and Profile Description for Fiverr (With Examples)


With more than 5 million buyers and 830,000 sellers, Fiverr can rightly be called the world's leading online marketplace for freelancers. More than 50 million transactions take place each month on Fiverr, and every Fiverr seller wants a piece of this ever-increasing pie. However, to sell your gig, you need to write an excellent profile and gig description to entice buyers to buy from you.

This is precisely what I will guide you through in this post. I will show you the exact steps to write attractive description for your Fiverr profile and gig. Then I will share some of the best examples of Fiverr gig descriptions in popular categories like logo design and virtual assistants.

How to create the perfect description for Fiverr profile

Let us first start with creating a description for your Fiverr profile. You might be thinking, why is it so important to have the right description for your profile? That's because potential buyers on Fiverr will first glance at your profile to assure themselves of your credentials. You want to reassure them that you are the right person for their needs.

There are two parts to your Fiverr profile description: the tag line beneath your profile image and the profile description itself. You should optimize both the components correctly.

How to create an appealing Fiverr profile tagline

You have 70 characters to write your profile tagline. Use it to describe yourself and your expertise in one line.

For example, let's say that you are a logo designer with 5 years' experience. Then create a profile tagline like “Top-notch graphic designer with more than 5 years' experience.”

The formula to use here is adjective + what you are or which service you provide + your experience in the field.

Using an adjective boosts your perception in the eyes of the buyer. Just writing “I am a logo designer” sounds too generic, but when you include an adjective like top-notch or first-rate, you appear as if you're a premium seller.

Which is what you want to be, right?

Just look at the profile tagline of one of the top-selling graphic designer duo on Fiverr.

They proudly claim to be the best logo and header designers on Fiverr since 2015.

Did you get the point?

How to create the best Fiverr profile description

Now, let's come to the actual profile description part. You have 600 characters to play around with here, use them wisely.

Try to include the following information in your profile description:

Your skills
Your unique selling proposition (USP)
Ratings (if any)

You should state upfront what you are. Are you a logo designer or a virtual assistant, or maybe you are a magic spell caster? Next, how long have you been doing the thing you are selling? Have you been creating logo designs for 2 years or 10 years? Mention it.

What's your USP? Maybe you do original research in your field or create handcrafted header designs. State it. Finally, have you received any 5-star feedback on your Fiverr gigs? If yes, flaunt it.

Revisiting the example of the logo designer duo, you will notice that their Fiverr profile description contains all the 4 elements I have listed above.

No wonder they have 1000+ reviews for their Fiverr gig.

How to create an outstanding Fiverr gig description

Now that you have created your profile tagline, it's time to create a captivating Fiverr gig description that can make or break your freelancing career on Fiverr.

You can create your gig description using 1200 characters. Ideally, your description should include the following structure:

The gig introduction
The gig details
The gig summary

Let us run through each element in detail.

The gig introduction

Your gig introduction should reiterate the objective of your gig that you first mentioned in your gig title.

Let's say you are selling a logo designing service. You should include the essence of your service in a single sentence.

You could write, for example, “I will design two unique logos of your company or brand in 24 hours with unlimited revisions.”

If you have some reviews under your belt, you could flaunt your experience so that the potential buyer trusts you immediately and reads your gig details.

The goal of your gig introduction is, after all, to entice the buyer to read the details of your gig description. So, let's learn how you can write the best features of your Fiverr gig to hook potential buyers.

The gig details

The gig detail is the most critical element of your Fiverr gig description. After all, the devil is in the details.

You should include as much information about your gig as possible. But while writing your gig details, follow these guidelines:

Write your description to enable easy scanning. The best way to do this is to write the gig benefits using a bullet list.
Use bold text to highlight important words. You can also highlight words using the text highlighter to make them stand out.
Include essential features of your gig first. If you have any unique offering that the other gigs lack, make sure to include it in the gig detail.
If you offer unlimited revisions or lifetime support, make sure to mention it so that the buyer knows that his or her investment in your gig will be worth it.

The gig summary

In the gig summary, you should include text links to your previous work. You should mention that you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and that the buyer can message you for any query.

Pro Tip: Download the Fiverr mobile app and change your status to online. This way, the buyer knows that you are available to answer his query and can contact you immediately for his pre-purchase questions.

Examples of the perfect Fiverr descriptions

Now that you know how to create a read-worthy gig description on Fiverr, it is time to see some example descriptions of top-selling Fiverr sellers.

Logo design gig description

The first Fiverr description we will analyze is that of Logoflow, a top seller in the Logo design niche on Fiverr.

If you observe the image, you will notice that the intro of the sellers' gig contains the keywords right at the beginning: “best quality logo.” This helps the gig to rank high on Fiverr results when buyers search for the terms logo design, best logo, or quality logo design.

Try to do the same with your Fiverr gig description introduction. Include your main keyword in the opening sentence. If you're selling your blog writing services, you could include the words “blog writing” in the first sentence of your gig description.

Now let us analyze the details of the Logoflow gig description.

The seller has included the primary information of the basic gig in an easy to scan list. A buyer will grasp the benefits of this gig at first glance.

The text “24X7” is highlighted and, the words “money-back guarantee” are in upper case to raise a feeling of trust in the buyer.

While writing your Fiverr gig description, make sure to include such distinctive features of your gig in a bullet list. For instance, you could be offering unlimited revisions on your gig. So, try to highlight or bold the text so the buyer knows that his or her money is safe when they order your gig.

Fiverr gig description for virtual assistants

If you're a virtual assistant (VA), you should convey an impression of authority to the buyer so the buyer knows that you can be trusted for the routine but time-consuming tasks that she wants to outsource to you.

Next, you should list the tasks that you can perform. Are you good at data entry, data mining, market research etc.? Say so in your gig description.

Also, highlight your experience in the field to increase your chances of landing a sale on Fiverr.

Let us quickly go through the gig description of moore_gladys, a top-rated and top-selling VA on Fiverr.

She starts by asking questions that a buyer, who is looking for a VA, wants answers to. Then she states her qualification upfront that she is a professional business administrator and virtual assistant.

Notice that the words “virtual assistant” are bolded and in uppercase. This is the focus search term that her gig description is optimized for. She has also included this term in her gig title that reads, “I will be your professional virtual assistant.”

Next, she has mentioned her areas of expertise for which she can offer her VA services in an easy-to-scan list format.

Finally, in conclusion, she has mentioned that she is “super responsive” and requests the buyers to contact her for any queries.

No wonder this Fiverr gig description has contributed to tens of orders in her queue that every Fiverr seller wishes to achieve.

Now that you know how to create the perfect gig description of Fiverr, you should ask the question…

Is the ideal gig description enough to get orders on Fiverr?

Or is something else also required? No doubt, your gig description plays a vital part in selling your Fiverr gig, but a description in itself is not enough to sell your gig.

You should also take care of the following elements of your Fiverr gig.

The gig images

Create eyeball-grabbing images for your Fiverr gig using a free tool like Canva. Use a combination of contrasting colors to make your gig stand out from others.

If you can showcase your previous work in your images, it is even better. This is what the top-selling Logo designers on Fiverr do. They include pictures of their delivered work in a collage so that potential buyers can gauge their work quality by merely looking at the gig images.

Include a gig video

According to Fiverr, gigs with videos have 40% more views than image-only gigs. I decided to test this claim by creating two gigs on Fiverr, one containing only images and the other gig with pictures and a video.

Here are the results of my Fiverr experiment.

You can see that my keyword research gig with a video performed far better than article writing gig without a video in terms of impressions, views, and clicks.

So, the video does work in getting more impressions and clicks on your gig.

Use correct English

Even if your service is incredible and you offer comprehensive features in your gig description but if your grammar is poor with many typos, it can turn off potential buyers.

If you are in a niche where knowledge of English is not vital, like logo design, you can get away with poor grammar in your gig description. But if the niche requires a good grasp of English, like blog writing, then you should ensure your gig description does not contain glaring grammatical errors or appears vague to the reader.

You can use a free grammar tool such as the Hemingway App to write an error-free Fiverr gig description to impress potential buyers.

Summary of the perfect Fiverr gig description

You have gone through the tips to create the best Fiverr gig description to attract buyers and make money on Fiverr.

To summarize, your Fiverr gig description should have the following elements:

It should contain an introduction, details of your gig and a conclusion
It should declare your niche experience at the beginning
It should state the main gig features in a list format
It should be error-free
It should include the main keywords of your gig
It should consist of highlighted and bolded words
It should encourage the buyer to message you for more information

Ask yourself, does your gig description contain the above 7 elements? Did you find any difference in your gig views or sales after incorporating the suggestions I offered in this post? Please share your feedback.

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