Meet a Travel and Personal Experiences WordPress Blogger

Welcome to the first edition of our Blogger Spotlight series where we turn the spotlight on promising WordPress bloggers  who have started their WordPress journey recently but have not attracted the attention they deserve, for different reasons. 

This week we feature Sara Cellini of No Foundation Please, a travel and personal experiences blog hosted with

Name: Sara Cellini

What is your blog about?

I write about my budget trips, everyday life in London & expat experience

What made you choose WordPress over other platforms?

I actually started last year around June on Blogger, spent there couple of months and I got stuck. I recently moved to WordPress which make an easier life with all the plugins and community.

Did you or do you struggle with anything WordPress related?

Well, I'm still new and I have a lot to learn. However SEO is my main concern at the moment.

What is the thing you enjoy most about blogging with WordPress?

All the features/plugins that you have. It's more intuitive and easier to figure out. I also have the live support which helps a lot.

What is unique or different about your blog from the other blogs on the same topic?

What I like about my blog is the fact that it's genuine and my focus is on sharing information that will make someone else experience easy. Let's say they may find an advise that will make their holiday more enjoyable or if they are planning to visit London, they may find a location that they never heard before because they had no one local to to ask about. I want to be a reference point. I believe in Karma. Good actions will bring good vibe.

These are some wonderful thoughts. You should visit Sara's blog to know more about her and her experiences.

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