About Us

WPBizBlog provides useful WordPress tips and tutorials. But we don't just stop at WordPress. In fact, we go beyond WordPress to share useful insights into SEO and blogging to help our blog readers gain traffic to their blogs.

WPBizBlog was co-founded by Trishan Mehta and Pinky who have leveraged the power of WordPress to grow multiple blogs since 2010. WordPress is our passion and we believe that every budding blogger should experience the flexibility that WordPress offers to create their blog from scratch.

But we also realize that starting a blog and building a community around it are different things. Tha's why we are determined to share the best SEO and blogging tips that actually work, with our readers. After all, effective SEO is the lifeblood of any website.

No matter how useful and comprehensive your content is, if it doesn't rank on the front pages, it is of no use to anyone. With this understanding, we have made learning and using effective SEO to grow our blog our primary mission.

You can download our ebook WordPress SEO 101 to master the on-page SEO of your WordPress blog and see your search visibility skyrocket. This in turn will drive focused search traffic to your blog over time.

Thanks for being part of this wonderful journey.

Love and Regards,
Trishan and Pinky

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